My Glass Plate is a no frills brand that distributes Fresh, Strong, Sexy glass plates with prices under 10euros.


General Policies

  1. - Pricing does not include freight and duties.
  2. - Donation to Action Against Hunger is applicable to purchases of Dinner sets only.
  3. - Delivery time is depends upon the delivery method customer will choose.
  4. - MyGlassPlate gets paid in advance. Handling payments, costs! So, to keep costs down we cut down on payment handling….
  5. - We provide up to 4 samples free of charge. Customer pays the transport.

    Policy related to Glass Plates
    1. - We sell by master-packs; that is, minimum order per reference is 1 box. Minimum order is one pallet. Thus, we manage production schedules with absolute productivity and we are able to keep your costs low.
    2. - Delivery time is depends upon the delivery method customer will choose.
    3. - Discounts will be applicable on volume ordering of glass plate masterpacks upon receipt of request.

    Policies related to Dinner Sets

    - Each dinner set is delivered complete on a pallet. This way we help minimize transport costs and reduce energy consumption.
    - For each dinner set sold $50 are donated to Action Against Hunger organization.
    - MyGlassPlate dinner set discounts are given because our customer gives us the possibility to cut down costs…. Since production logistics is a cost factor, we offer discounts based on your buying our dinner sets in pallets. If you want to assort the pallet yourself, we can offer no discount.

    MyGlassPlate discount structure is as follows:

    1. Discount on one dinner set: 10%. Extra bonus: 45 days of therapeutic treatment for a starving child.
    2. Two dinner sets: 15%. $100 are donated to Action Against Hunger which pay for the provision of seeds and farming equipment to a family.
    3. Five dinner sets: 20%. $250 will pay for the provision of cholera medication to 25 children.
    4. Ten dinner sets: 27%. $500 will pay for the delivery of freshwater to a village.

    A pallet assorted by us will cost you less than if you assort it yourself!!! An extra bonus is that we both feel good that this transaction has helped somebody else. Today we did something really good!!

  6. - Our guaranteed shipping time for dinner sets is three days from the receipt of your payment. Delivery time to your premises will depend on the method of transportation you will select.

    - If you wish so, we custom make any combination of existing shapes in the collection with any existing color for an extra fee of 10%. Custom made items are shipped within a month.


Pernik Bulgaria
Tel. +302394020760/2

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